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hainanese chicken rice
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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a dish and consists of poached chicken accompanied by flavoured rice. Though first created in Hainan, China, this dish was adapted by locals in Singapore and is now Singapore’s national dish. In Singapore, it is often served with cucumber slices and light soy sauce. If you ever get the chance to…

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Crispy Spring Rolls
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Crispy Spring Rolls

Do you want to learn how to make simple, yet delicious spring rolls? They are a popular and tasty appetizer in Asian cuisine that originated in China. It’s one of my favourites and isn’t very difficult to make. What are spring rolls? Spring rolls are small appetizers filled with various ingredients, usually vegetables. It consists…

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Flammkuchen (German Pizza)

Flammkuchen – the German version of pizza. It tastes delicious, is easy to make and is something I highly recommend you try. It’s a good alternative to normal pizza and very easy to make. What is Flammkuchen? Flammkuchen is similar to pizza. It was first created in Germany and consists of a thin layer of…

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steamed black bean ribs
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Black Bean Spare Ribs

Black Bean spare ribs – simple, easy and delicious. It’s a Chinese dish often found at dim sum. It consists of ribs, chopped into bite-sized pieces and coated with black bean sauce before being steamed. It’s often served at dim sum, but can also be accompanied by plain rice and a vegetable side dish. What…

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