Chinese Steamed Pork Patty

Steamed Pork Patty

Simple And Tasty Chinese Steamed Pork Cake Recipe

Steamed Pork Patty

Steamed Pork Patty – a typical dish found in a traditional Cantonese household. It’s a simple dish that mainly consists of minced pork and sweet, preserved turnip. The main difference between a Chinese meatloaf and a Western meatloaf dish is that it is steamed rather than baked. Steaming it makes the dish less dry and more juicy. 

How To Make Steamed Pork Patty:

The two main ingredients used to make this steamed pork patty is pork shoulder and preserved turnip. You should be able to find preserved turnips in your local Asian supermarket. Alternatively, you could also order them online here. To marinate, you’ll need light soy sauce, sesame oil, finely chopped garlic, a pinch of sugar and some cornstarch to help bind the flavour. 

I highly recommend you marinate the pork patty for at least an hour – it will give the meat time to soak up the flavour. 

ingredients needed to make Chinese steamed pork patty
All the ingredients needed to make this Chinese steamed pork patty.

Why You Should Try This Cantonese Meat Cake:

This steamed pork patty dish is one of those classic Cantonese dishes that you can find in a more traditional household. It’s a comfort food that’s so easy to make and definitely worth a try! As a kid, it was one of my favourite foods to eat – it’s such a simple dish but tastes so perfect with just a plain bowl of white rice. 

What To Serve With This Dish:

In a Chinese household, steamed pork patty is often accompanied by a bowl of plain white rice and a vegetable dish, such as fried garlic spinach.

Is This Minced Pork Patty Healthy?

Steamed Pork Patty isn’t the healthiest Chinese dish you can make, but it also isn’t the unhealthiest either. You can use pork fillets instead of ready minced pork from the supermarket to make it slightly healthier, and wash the preserved turnip to remove excess salt before steaming it.

chinese steamed pork patty

How To Store This Pork Patty?

If you have time, you can marinate the pork patty and leave it in the fridge overnight before steaming it. Leaving it overnight will give the meat more time to absorb the flavour. Once you’ve cooked the patty, you can store it in the fridge for a maximum of two days – but it tastes better fresh. You won’t be able to freeze the patty if you’ve already steamed it.

Hints And Tips To Make The Perfect Chinese Steamed Pork Patty Dish:

  • If you have time, try marinating the dish for at least an hour, if not longer. The longer you marinate the meatloaf, the more flavourful it will be, as you give the meat more time to absorb the flavour.

  • If you don’t have cornstarch, using some regular flour is a great alternative. I recommend using one of the two when marinating, because it helps bind the flavour to the meat.

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Steamed Pork Patty Recipe

Recipe by YvonneCuisine: ChineseDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


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Steamed Pork Patty is a typical dish found in a traditional Cantonese household. It’s such a simple dish to make and tastes absolutely delicious!


  • 2 slices of pork shoulder/fillet

  • 1 cup preserved turnip

  • 2 tbsp sesame oil

  • 2 tbsp cornstarch

  • 1 garlic clove

  • 2 pinch of sugar

  • 2-3 tbsp light soy sauce


  • Soak the turnip in water to remove excess salt. Chinese steamed meatloaf
  • Chop the pork into smaller, cubed pieces (about 2-3cm) and mince in a mixer/blender for about 20 seconds.Chinese steamed meatloafChinese steamed meatloaf
  • Add the preserved turnip to the pork and blend for further 15-30 seconds. The pork and turnip should be finely minced.

    If the turnip you bought is already finely minced, then just mix the turnip with the minced pork by hand.Chinese steamed meatloaf
  • Place the contents into a bowl.
  • Finely chop one garlic clove.
  • Add the sesame oil, minced garlic, sugar, light soy sauce and cornstarch to the bowl. Mix this thoroughly. Chinese steamed meatloaf
  • Let this marinate for at least one hour. Chinese steamed meatloaf
  • Steam the Chinese Meatloaf for 15 minutes or until cooked.
  • (optional) Top the Chinese Meatloaf with spring onions. Enjoy 🙂

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