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My name is Yvonne and this is my family food blog. From appetisers to desserts, you'll find various homemade recipes from different cuisines from all around the world.

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black bean salmon
Seafood and Fish Recipes

Steamed Black Bean Salmon

Delicious And Simple Steamed Salmon With Black bean Sauce Recipe This is a quick and easy steamed black bean salmon recipe. It’s a very popular dish in a Chinese household and is so easy to make. It’s such a traditional Chinese dish that my family makes all the time and a dish that you won’t…

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Baked potatoes with cheese, bacon and spring onions
Main Dishes, Potato Recipes, Recipes

Baked Potatoes with Cheese and Bacon

Are you looking for a good baked potato recipe? Baked potatoes are one of the simplest and cheapest meals you can make. There are so many different topping variations that you can never really get sick of eating potatoes! What ingredients I use: I feel like most people associate baked potatoes with just butter or…

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chicken caesar salad
Main Dishes, Recipes, Salad Recipes

Chicken Caesar Salad

One of the easiest meals to make as a student is a chicken caesar salad. It’s affordable and very tasty. It’s a handy dish to make when you have some leftover chicken and don’t know what to do with it.  I feel like most salads that are served in restaurants are always so extravagant –…

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steamed black bean ribs
Side Dishes, Meat Recipes, Recipes

Black Bean Spare Ribs

Black Bean spare ribs – simple, easy and delicious. It’s a Chinese dish often found at dim sum. It consists of ribs, chopped into bite-sized pieces and coated with black bean sauce before being steamed. It’s often served at dim sum, but can also be accompanied by plain rice and a vegetable side dish. What…

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Main Dishes, Pasta Recipes, Recipes


Carbonara is a delicious Italian pasta dish. It’s one of the easiest dishes to make if you’re short on time. I feel like carbonara is quite heavy to digest because of how creamy it is. This recipe excludes cream completely and just uses an egg and parmesan cheese to make the consistency of the pasta….

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